At Godfrey North we undertake to provide as much value as we can to your job search. We look to identify the right role for you, to help you present your CV in the best possible way, and to prepare for every stage of the interview process in order to properly showcase your talent. This is all to maximise your chances of being offered the position you want.

Career Search and Advisory

This is where we sit with you and discuss in depth your background and your career goals, and gain an understanding of what you are looking for. Over the years we have learnt that listening is the most important role we play in this part of this process. We need to understand your career journey so far, what your achievements are and also your disappointments. We can maximise the potential of candidates who have had a flawless career to date, but we also recognise that some may have taken wrong turns at some point and it is key that we understand this and can plan how to present this to a prospective employer and move forward.

We advise on what your options are, what the current market conditions are, and where you should be setting your goals and expectations.



CV Preparation

Your CV is the personal sales document on yourself; it is this document that will secure you an interview for the job you want. So it is imperative that it is presented professionally, in a concise format that highlights your key skills and strengths.

We will show you how to keep your CV to the appropriate length and to avoid superfluous detail. We can advise how to use the correct style of writing, the correct structure and layout, how to list your academic achievements and your IT skills, languages and other relevant training. We can help to ensure that your CV presents in the best way possible.

Interview Advice and Preparation

The simple answer to a successful interview can be summed up in one word: preperation. This cannot be overstated, there is a well known phrase that states "if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail".

At Godfrey North we will do everything in our power to ensure you go into any interviews fully briefed on the role, that you have researched the company you are meeting, that you have anticipated the most common interview questions and are clear on your answers. You need to be an expert on your own CV, be able to smoothly explain any gaps in employment. If there are presentations or case studies involved, we will ensure you have the time and information required to be successful.